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You can Support Us in Several Ways!


We are seeking, and will continue to seek, grants to support our projects, and needs. But ultimately, we will be reliant on the generosity of individuals to provide financial support through membership and donation; the time and effort through volunteerism to operate or complete projects; and donation of items off historical significance.   
Membership entitles you to be a volunteer.

However, we also realize and appreciate that not all members are able to volunteer. For those who are unable to do so, your membership is valued nonetheless, because your annual subscription helps us to cover our costs of administration, communication, insurance, etc.

Advocacy is one of our fundamental functions, and you can always help us quite simply by spreading word of our existence and goals, through personal contacts, social media, etc. Encouraging others to relate and record their experiences of the railroad, particularly former railroad employees, is important for future generations to appreciate the reality of a bygone labor - intensive industrial age. 
As a Volunteer, you will be able to apply your ability, knowledge and talent to fulfilling the remaining fundamental functions of the Texas State Railroad Society, to Display, Interpret and Preserve.
You can see a list of current projects that we are addressing and some of the skills that we will need by clicking the button below. Note your preferences and abilities on your membership form, and we'll advise you in due course.
We are very appreciative of donations, either financial or material
All donations will be acknowledged in a form that will satisfy the IRS for tax relief, unless otherwise agreed.
Financial donations can be made in support of a specific project. From time to time, it is likely that we will initiate a fund-raising program for a specific purpose, such as a repair to a historic vehicle at the Texas State Railroad, or the purchase of a historic building for the Rail Yard Park at Palestine. In such cases where multiple donors are involved, it is very likely that a separate account would be prepared.

For further details and current options, please click on the button below.
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