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ACTIVITIES for the future

With the broadening of scope for volunteers of the Texas State Railroad Society when the lease was signed for the buildings of the Rail Yard Park, the projects that are currently known to be available, can be grouped into three categories.
 1. Projects to be performed at the Texas State Railroad
 1.1     Repair and repaint the lineman's hut at Maydelle
 1.2     Apply decals to tank car to provide an appropriate historic identity
 1.3     Abate deterioration of collection of historic cars
 2. Projects initiated by the Texas State Railroad Society 
 2.1   Swell the membership of the TSR:-
        Provide volunteers for the administrative tasks
        Provide volunteers for projects identified below, and for the TSR
2.2    Extend the 'Dogwood Project' to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Texas State Railroad
2.3    Continued operation and development of museum:-
        Cleaning and preparation of the buildings '808' and '810'.                            
        Acquisition of historical items for display
        Development of Palestine- and TSR- related exhibits
        Creation of a educational zone with audio-visual presentations, and reading area.
 2.4   Development and introduction of a series of leaflets based on the TSR ; and Palestine's history
3. Projects for the development of the Rail Yard Park at Palestine.

3.1    Paul A. Domis Model Railroad:-

        Erection, commissioning, training, operation and maintenance

3.2    Miniature Railroad:-

        Construction, landscaping, operation and maintenance
        Acquisition of rolling stock


3.3    Large exhibits, e.g items of rolling stock, railroad equipment, etc :-

         Preparation and display in a covered but open area      


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