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Volunteers Are Needed!

In essence, the Society supports volunteerism in two areas of operation that it considers to be synergistic:
1. The Texas State Railroad
 heritage railway needs to make a profit for healthy operation of its services for the public. Quite often, very little  remains to address the needs of historic items of equipment and structures that are not used in the normal operations of the railroad.  Volunteers are needed to provide the necessary time and effort to abate the deterioration of historic full-size items, and return them to a stable, if not operable, condition.                                   
2. The Rail Yard Park of Palestine
To recognize and celebrate the significance of Palestine's railroad industry, a recreational area is to be developed through private funding that will include a museum, model and miniature railroads, artefacts, and other forms of memorabilia.  A volunteer force of docents, technicians and operatives is needed.



All members of the Texas State Railroad Society are encouraged to volunteer time and effort in support of its mission.
How To Volunteer
First, become a member.
Simply fill out a membership form and pay an annual membership fee. 
The form provides us with your contact information, any specific areas in interest, and the skills that you offer.     
The  membership fee helps to cover administrative costs, (computer maintenance, printing supplies, etc.) and insurance coverage in case of accidents while volunteering.
Second, participate!
We will communicate and provide the details for each project!
Our Projects:

1.    At the Texas State Railroad
      Specific projects will be identified by consultation with the General Manager of the Texas State Railroad.
      Projects suggested by members will be considered.
2.    At the Rail Yard Park in Palestine
      Projects identified in the TSRS' proposal to the Palestine City Council were as follows:

2.1  Continuance of the development of a museum focused on the history of the railroads in the area, and               their effect on the communities that were, and are, served.

2.2  Conservation and operation of the Paul A. Domis Model Railroad for the simulation of the sights of                   railroading in the past, and an appreciation of creativity and craftsmanship.

2.3  Construction, landscaping, and operation of a miniature railroad to provide the amusement and novelty
      of riding around the Rail Yard Park.

2.4  Acquisition and preservation of large exhibits, such as items of rolling stock, railroad equipment, etc. in a       covered but open area,

2.5  Creation of a relaxing educational zone within the museum for audio-visual presentations and leisurely         reading.


Our Needs:

Our needs for volunteers are as follows:

1.    Individuals and teams for on-site projects at the Texas State Railroad.
      Typical skills include carpentry, electrical, landscaping, mechanical and painting.
2.    Railroad modelers, for development, maintenance and operation, all scales but particularly the donated
      HO scale model railroad constructed by Paul A. Domis.
3.    Miniature (1:8 scale) railroad construction, landscaping, maintenance and operation; to encircle and                  traverse the Rail Yard Park.
4.    Staff for museum operation, with opportunities for docents, researchers and historians.
5.    Society duties including marketing, communications and administration.

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