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The Texas State Railroad Society is grateful to receive donations, financial or material, in support of its Mission

Financial Donations
Financial donations can be made in support of specific projects.  A list is provided below. Currently, donations can be received in cash or by check. We do not have the capability of accepting payments by credit card, although we should be able to accept payments via PayPal (as of March 2017).
 Our mailing address is :
                                                 Texas State Railroad Society

                                                 P.O. Box 2190


                                                 TX 75766-7190

Material Donations

Donations of railroad-related items are always welcome, particularly if there is a relationship with an East Texas community or a railroad that served the region.  Such items are often useful in a museum for general display, or specific exhibitions.

Examples include:

  • Collections of paper items such as stamps, tickets, photographs, advertisements, etc.

  • Literature, DVDs etc.

  • Model railroad items (buildings, track locomotives, cars, etc.  .... see below)

  • Railroad art

  • Railroad equipment

  • Railroad signs


Project List


 Projects that are very likely to require support in the near future are as follows, together with some specific needs:

1.   Texas State Railroad
      (Specific projects for 2017 and their needs have to be determined, Jan 2017)

2.   Rail Yard Park Museum - Paul A. Domis Model Railroad
      Procurement of HO locomotives and rolling stock, steam and diesel era, particularly 
             International & Great Northern (IGN),
             Missouri Pacific (MP),

             Union Pacific (UP),

             Texas State Railroad (TSR), 

             St. Louis Southwestern (SSW) (Cotton Belt)
             Texas & New Orleans (T&NO) (Southern Pacific, SP)
             Texas & Pacific (TP)
             Other railroads associated with East Texas.

3.   Rail Yard Park -  Miniature Railroad (1:8 scale)
             Acquisition of rails, ties, ballast, rolling stock, etc.

4.   Rail Yard Park Museum 
             Cleaning and Preparation of the Interior
             Display and Exhibit Preparation
             Erection, commissioning, operating and maintaining the Paul A. Domis HO model railroad
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