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OUR DONATIONS to the Texas State Railroad

From time to time, the Texas State Railroad Society has made donations to the Texas State Railroad, and also
facilitated a donation to the TSR made in the memory of someone. None of the donations were financial.
Memorial Gifts to the Railroad

                                                                     To the Memory of Harry Abbott, (1943-2013) of Baton Rouge, LA:

                                                                     An assortment of wrenches (1", plus) open-ended and combination,

                                                                     for use in locomotive repairs, etc., at the TSR Shops in Rusk, TX.

                                                                     Harry, a LASTA fireman, was keenly interested in anything

                                                                     mechanical, particularly steam-driven.

                                                                     As a guest at  a "railroad wedding" in September, 2010, Harry had 

                                                                     thoroughly enjoyed a tour of the facilities in Rusk, especially the

                                                                     surprise cab ride on TSR 201, now TP 316.

Donations Made by the Texas State Railroad Society
Particularly during the period from 2013 to 2014, a number of donations were made with the riders and employees of the TSR in mind.
  • Calendars were given to car attendants to distribute to disappointed riders who endured excessive delays.
  • Calendars were given to management to be used as goodwill gifts to cab riders and employees as a token of the Railroad's appreciation.
  • TSR pins (old design) were provided to conductors for acts of goodwill to riders, and to employees for their uniforms.
  • Uniforms for employees:
                        Denim shirts for the operating crew (two each)
                        T-shirts for office workers
                        Caps for shop workers
  • Floral arrangements to enhance the Vietnam Wall Exhibit


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